Babbitty Rabbitty and Her Cackling Stump
23:39"Look…at…me…" — the last words of Severus Snape, spoken to Harry Potter

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#Just..just. let me say something here. this man, Severus Snape has loved this woman. forever. he loved her so much, and all he wanted was for her to love him back. even at hogwarts, he did certain things just because he wanted to impress her. he lost her, because he was so frustrated and he was in so much pain because he was so scared that she was going to leave him for james, and eventually she did. he lost her, and he lost her again. he never truly got to express how sorry he was to her. and here he is, holding her in his arms, without getting the chance to say how much he loves her. he lost the only thing that kept him happy. he lost the only being in his life who truly appreciated him and did love him, no matter what. he lost a true friend. so when harry went to hogwarts, he hated harry & also cared for him at the same time. imagine that? he had to act like he never cared at all, and that would of been the most difficult thing. i can’t even comprehend the pain that snape feels. he has risked everything-EVERYTHING, and in the process of protecting harry, he died. he was manipulating voldemort, his enemy, risking his life, all because of lily. some may say he was a bad person regardless, but i don’t think so. he loved and he cared. in the end, he lost all that he truly cared about, but he never gave up because he knew that if he could protect harry, lily evans wouldn’t of died in vain.
all i know is, is that severus snape is truly the bravest man i’ve ever known.
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“Take them.”

 Tumblr seems intent on killing me.
Sorry but Harry Potter isn’t just a book, or a movie, or some pop icon to me. It’s my whole magical childhood. And I seriously pity anyone who missed out.

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